Laminate, parquet, or vinyl – which is better?



If you are looking for a floor that is pleasantly warm to the feet and yet durable, you will probably be interested in laminate, parquet, or vinyl. But which of these is better? We’ll show you when which flooring is best for you.

Overview of common features and criteria

The main similarities between laminate, parquet and vinyl are their durability, appearance, and excellent suitability for allergy sufferers. But apart from that, the floors differ, sometimes considerably. The most important criteria for making a choice between laminate, parquet, and vinyl are:

– Cost and budget;
– A type of installation;
– Installation height;
– Health aspects;
– Personal preferences;
– A type of use of the room,
– Impact sound insulation.

Vinyl: cheap floor with long life

Vinyl flooring is a good choice for you if you are looking for the cheapest possible floor that you can still enjoy for a long time. You can install planks yourself, but you may want to have large sheets installed. The biggest advantages of vinyl over laminate and parquet are its low installation height, the high impact sound insulation of the material, and its insensitivity to moisture and impacts. Therefore, vinyl is a particularly good choice in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, or hallways.

Laminate: The middle ground

Unlike vinyl, laminate is largely made of natural materials, with only the top and bottom covered with a thin layer of plastic. Laminate is therefore a good choice if you are looking for a floor that is as healthy to live on as possible, but very hard-wearing. In addition, laminate is particularly easy to install thanks to modern click systems. It is also a good choice if you want a wooden floor that looks as real as possible without wanting to pay the price of real parquet.

Parquet: real wood for your living space

Parquet is usually much more expensive than vinyl or laminate, but it also offers the longest life. Of the three flooring options, a parquet is the only one that can be sanded down and restored from the ground up. The investment in a parquet floor therefore usually pays off. The second major advantage of parquet is its very high-quality appearance, which usually suffers little damage over the years. Therefore, parquet is a good choice for stylishly furnished living rooms, where you and your guests want to feel completely comfortable.

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